Our Team

David Strouss

President and Co-founder of the company, Dave is responsible for oversight of daily operations and works day to day with the estimating staff acquiring new work and with our superintendents to insure jobs progress in a timely fashion and our customers are happy. Dave is key in setting company policy relating to procedures and oversees our company wide safety program.

Bill Strouss

Secretary-Treasurer and Co-founder of the company, Bills primary role is legal and financial oversight. Bill's focus is in keeping our suppliers needs , project billings, and employee relations current. Bill also caters to some of our valuable asphalt and roadwork customers filling there needs quickly and efficiently.

Jan Strouss

He is a superintendent in charge of field operations for our concrete division. Having worked for the company for over 30 years . His knowledge and experience allows for quality work and smooth, efficient field operations

Perfeuto Sanchez

Superintendent in charge of field operations for our concrete division; He is our direct link between our customers field personal , project managers and our company, he has authority over scheduling, staffing and pricing.

Joe Strouss

He is the founder and head of our steel division; started in 2003 Joe was our first welder/fabricator and now manages over twenty employees. He also works to maintain costumer relations, field operations and is most often the first point of contact between our customers and the company.

Edwardo Carrillo

He is in charge of field and shop operations for the steel division. Edwardo has over site over design, fabrication and quality control. Edwardo is the final say when it comes to determining what the costumer wants, designing it, fabricating it and installing it.

Tim Valivieso

He is or shop manager for the steel division. Tim keeps track of what the shop needs to maintain their work schedule. Whether it's replacing tools, ordering material or simply organizing company meetings Tim is the person that takes care of it.