Strouss Brothers Is a General Building Contractor specializing in concrete and structural steel. We attempt to provide quick quotes and accommodating schedules. We are here to help correctly and economically implement your residential, commercial or industrial alterations.

Our Motto is:

On Spec, On Time, All The Time.


About us

A brief history of Strouss Brothers...

Strouss Brothers has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over forty five years, as such we've developed a broad knowledge of this unique and diverse building landscape. As an established Bay Area contractor we've been involved in retrofit and new construction of many types.

Because of the broad experience of the owners and management, two features of our firm have emerged as distinguishing us among other Bay Area companies. First, a large portion of the value we offer our customers is of a consulting nature, where early planning can save time and money. Secondly, our company does a larger variety of work in house allowing us to price our services more competitively.

Structural concrete and structural steel are always among the first stages of a new building; often times with the concrete being an integral part of the begining stages of the steel construction. In that Strouss Brothers does both concrete and steel, we can play a distinct role in reducing the overall cost of a project and increasing good communication between two important trades.